At Tanya Beauty Care we work together with you to create the most natural-looking eyebrows for your face.
Tanya, and our other highly-trained therapists are passionate about their work, and strive to create brows you will fall in-love with.
  • Birrong Sydney
  • Established in 2006
  • World-class clinic specialising in cosmetic tattooing and microblading.
  • Training facility for aspiring and existing artist.
Tanya (Founder of Tanya Beauty Care)


Tanya Do, the founder of Tanya Beauty Care, has transformed her once small beauty clinic into the mecca for quality cosmetic tattooing it is today.

Tanya discovered her passion for cosmetic tattooing in 2006, just one year after she began her journey in the beauty industry. Since 2006, she has built her client base and become one of Australia’s most trusted cosmetic tattoo artists. Tanya prides herself on her ability to create the perfect shape and colour for every one of her clients – while taking into consideration their unique skin tone and complexion.

Tanya’s abilities have also allowed her to expand her business and teach other aspiring artists her techniques. She now offers training classes, and mentors therapists as they learn the technique.

Today, Tanya is known around the world for her unique microblading techniques, and the quality training she offers to other artists. She feels great pride in passing down her skills and creations to aspiring and existing microblading artists from around the globe.

Tanya’s secret to her success is her passion for the job. She strives to create the perfect result for her clients because she says their ‘wow’ reaction is the most rewarding part of the job.

Anne (Beauty Therapist)


Before Anne joined the glamorous world of beauty therapy, Anne worked in the field of wealth management as a Senior Bank Manager in one of leading international banks. Anne started working as a freelance for Tanya Beauty Care as a beauty therapist with support over the weekend.

In 2015, she decided to officially join Tanya Beauty Care. She is qualified in Design and Perform Cosmetic Tattooing / Micropigmentation Procedure by NSW Vocational Education & Training Accreditation Board, and additionally has completed extensive training under the direction of Tanya, the Director of Tanya Beauty Care.

She is extremely thorough in her consultations, and aims to achieve a perfect, natural look for every client. Working in this industry has provide Anne with the opportunity to refresh and enhance natural features with long-lasting and natural looking results; something she says she is very grateful for. She believes the key to cosmetic tattooing is working with the face’s natural morphology and using techniques which can enhance it.

Anne’s aspiration is to gain the clients’ satisfaction by creating a difference, so her clients enjoy the benefits of qualify work and is more than happy to discuss any way in which she can helps.

Anne’s abilities have also allowed her to join Tanya Beauty Care Academy as a Co- Trainer with Tanya to share their passion, knowledge and techniques with other artists.