At Tanya Beauty Care we work together with you to create the most natural-looking eyebrows for your face.
Tanya, and our other highly-trained therapists are passionate about their work, and strive to create brows you will fall in-love with.
  • Birrong Sydney
  • Established in 2006
  • World-class clinic specialising in cosmetic tattooing and microblading.
  • Training facility for aspiring and existing artist.
Tanya (Founder of Tanya Beauty Care)


Tanya Do, the founder of Tanya Beauty Care, has built her successful career from the ground up, all the way to becoming one of Australia’s most trusted cosmetic artists. Her salon is now seen as a mecca for quality cosmetic tattooing.


Tanya discovered her passion for cosmetic tattooing in 2006, one year after she began her journey in the beauty industry. She soon opened a small beauty clinic – without even dreaming about what it would develop into. Tanya prides herself on her ability to create a perfectly compatible shape and color to her client’s features, respecting individual skin tone and complexity. It’s the quality of work that made her loved and frequently visited by top models and influencers from all over Australia.


But she felt like this wasn’t enough. Her love for sharing and strong desire to develop further made her take on a new challenge – that of teaching aspiring artists and sharing all she had learned. She added a new side to her business and created an academy dedicated to cosmetic artists. She now offers training classes, and mentors therapists as they learn the technique.


Tanya is known around the world for her unique microblading techniques and for the quality teaching she provides to her students. Passing down her skills and creations and helping new artists from around the world find their career path brings her great pride and satisfaction. She also frequently participates in reputational Cosmetic Tattoo conferences as a guest speaker, being admired by many for her mastery and specific methods.


The secret to her success is simple – she’s always guided by her true passion for the job. Tanya always strives for the perfect result and feels her clients’ “wow” reaction is her most precious reward.

Anne (Beauty Therapist)


Anne had a passion for the glamorous world of beauty since she was a child, but didn’t start her career path by being a cosmetic artist. She first worked in the field of wealth management and became a Senior Bank Manager, but she abandoned her successful career in 2015 when she decided that she would rather pursue her lifelong dream.


As a strong ambitious woman, she soon found success on this path too. Her achievements include starting the first Scalp Micropigmentation academy in NSW and the first Hairline Microfeather academy in Australia. She is qualified in Design and Perform Cosmetic Tattooing / Micropigmentation Procedure by the NSW Vocational Education & Training Accreditation Board and has a Diploma in Beauty Therapy. She is also a qualified national and international cosmetic tattoo trainer and teaches alongside Tanya in the Tanya Beauty Care Academy.


Anne’s dedication took her around the world, attending numerous training courses to improve her skills and knowledge in Cosmetic Tattooing. She is a fantastic trainer, with a lot of patience and passion for educating students.


She takes pride in being extremely thorough in her consultations with clients, as she aims for a perfect, long-lasting, and natural look for every client. Working in the industry has provided her with the opportunity to amplify and refresh the beauty of her clients, which is something she is very grateful for. She thinks the key to a perfect result and full client satisfaction is working with the face’s natural morphology and using techniques that enhance it.


Anne keeps her quality standards very high, aiming to reach and surpass her client’s expectations. She achieves this by always discussing thoroughly with her clients beforehand, always making sure to get a clear understanding of their vision and goals.