Saveen Cosmetic Rotary machine



In this kit:

1 x Saveen Machine

1 x Power Supply (Australian power cable included)


The Saveen machine has a super slim ergonomic bold design that is easy to hold that weighs only 91 grams with a diameter of 20 mm.


Designed to perfection for permanent makeup. Equipped with a Mini Customised Motor high speed motor that operates at 12000 Rpm and an input voltage at 12V ensures stable high-speed operation. Ideal for Eyebrows, lips, scalp and small tattoos.


The internal spiral needle length mechanism ensures when adjusting the needle depth, it will not change the position of the needle and the length of the machine remains unchanged.


Saveen is designed to be as universal as possible, coming with an RCA cable, and utilising standard cartridges (Cheyenne type), the most universal cartridges on the current market. This provides you with a range of brands.




Weight: 91g

Machine Diameter: 20mm

Machine Length: 120mm

Speed: 10V/10000Rpm

Stroke: 2mm/3mm disk

Adjustable depth

180 day warranty

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